Hi, my name is JJ, and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For those who didn't do any better in geography than I did in school, I'm about one hour north of Plattsburgh, New York. My husband and I were married in 2001, in a costumed, Renaissance wedding (there’s my weird fact for the day). We have an eight year old boy, and a five year old girl. My kids are the reason that I started scrapbooking. I resisted the hobby for many years, because I knew it would be addicting. No surprise - now I'm firmly hooked!

I've been crafting in one form or another since I was big enough to hold a crayon. Sewing was my biggest obsession, and I go back and forth to that still, as the muses strike, but it's kind of taken a backseat to the scrapbooking. And I'm OK with that. I mostly scrap 12x12, but I dabble in other formats. I have a bit of a scrappy split-personality, as I like to change up my style a little depending on the subject - but there's always ink involved.  Mixed media is my new vice of choice.

Besides Scrapbooking – some of my other addictions are Starbucks, Sushi and loud rock music. But not all at the same time - Peppermint Latte and Spicy Scallops just don't mix. (Green Day is, of course, perfect with either.)